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art doll frequently asked questions

How do I buy one of your dolls?

I sell my dolls in my Etsy store. If you don't see any dolls listed there, it is because I currently do not have any available for sale.

Do you do custom orders?

Sorry, I do not do custom orders at this time.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I ship to most countries! 

How will I know when you have new dolls for sale?

I always announce a few days in advance on my Tiktok and Instagram story when new dolls will be added to my Etsy shop!

Will you restock a doll? Can I buy one of your previous dolls?

No, all of my dolls are one of a kind, meaning that there is only one of each doll. I am always making new designs!

Will you sell the sewing pattern for your dolls or the blank faces, shoes, and hands?

No, I do not sell the sewing pattern for my dolls or any of the resin pieces of my dolls. I am very wary of people copying to sell my designs, and it is a risk I am not willing to take at this time. 

Can I make artwork of your dolls or make a doll in the same style as you?

Yes, that is quite alright with me! If you do, please tag me, I would love to see it! All I ask is that you do not sell anything that is my design and that you give me credit if you use my designs.

What inspired the design of your dolls?

When designing my dolls, I was inspired by Furbies and Woody from Toy Story! I love the gumdrop shape of Furbies and the large realistic eyes, so I did something similar in my design! I really liked how Woody has long floppy arms and legs with the seam in the elbow and knee joint, so I took inspiration from this as well!

What supplies do you use when making your dolls?

All of the supplies that I use during the various stages of making my dolls can be found in my Amazon storefront!

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