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I am Leah Rose Rice, an illustrator and 3-D artwork fabricator, currently living in St. Petersburg, Florida. I aim to encapsulate a whimsical and nature-inspired mood in my artwork, with heavy influences from vintage toys, designs, and patterns. I am most passionate about creating artwork of anthropomorphized animals and human emotions and connections. I hope to create artwork that is fantastical and a little bit strange, but also comforting and nostalgic.

  • Graduate education: MA in illustration (Maryland Institute College of Art, 2022)

  • Undergraduate education: BA in visual arts, BS in graphic design (Southeastern University, 2019)

  • Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL

  • Current location: St. Petersburg, FL

  • Personality type: INFJ (the advocate/counselor)

Check out my list of 100 things I like to draw!

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